Wheeling Water Warriors



Ohio River







Saturday, September 14 DAY ONE 



12 Noon: Starting point: Flash Mob at the Mister Rogers statue near the Carnegie Science Center, North Side, Pittsburgh, PA. Wheeling Water Warrior Robin Mahonen gives the baton to Penni Patches Pixie Laine, Madison Schiebel and Lisa DeSantis, representing Marcellus of Butler. Penni is walking barefoot. They walk the baton to:


1PM: The biking team of John Detwiler, Mel Packer and Micheal Bagdes-Canning, representing Marcellus Protest, will bike the leg down to the Market Street Bridge at Weirton, WV, where they will pass the baton to:


8PM Jason Bell of Tour de Frack will accept the baton from the first biking team and will put the baton to bed for the night.

Miles of this leg: 68 Total Miles: 68 Total States: 2




Sunday, September 15 DAY TWO



8AM Jason Bell of Tour de Frack will bike the baton from the Market Street Bridge in Weirton, WV, through Follansbee and Wellsburg, where he will enter the Bike Trail, and ride down to the Pike Island Locks and Dams, where he will pass the baton to:

10AM The walking team of Wheeling Water Warriors Elise Smith and Pam Ewusiak, who will walk the baton to:


FIRST BATON RECEPTION RALLY at the 28th Street Plant


There will be a brief interfaith service, facilitated by Monica Beasley-Martin and members of our local faith community.
Wheeling Water Warrior Robin Mahonen accepts the baton from Elise Smith and Pam Ewusiak at 28th Street in Warwood, the site of the proposed GreenHunter plant. For this march, everyone is a relayer! Drummers from The Other Tribe will be keeping a good beat for us for this march.  We hope to gather as MANY Wheeling Water Warriors as possible to walk the 1.2 miles to:



The Baton will be brought to the stage, and we will thank all the relayers who make this event possible! Dr. Ben Stout, Yuri Gorby, and Doug Shields will speak, and special musical guests are KR-3.


Doug Shields

Dr. Ben Stout

Dr. Ben Stout


Tim & Travis of KR-3

And although the baton is the STAR of this event, it needs to leave the party early to keep on its mission, so we will give it a fond farewell at:

12 NOON: The baton leaves Garden Park with rollerskater Libby Horacek and her partner, who will skate the baton 4 miles through Wheeling to the Wheeling Waterfront.

 1PM: Libby Horacek hands off the baton to the first boating team of kayakers, Chad Dorn and Maggie Messitt. They will leave the Waterfront and boat across the River for the first time, and reach Powhatan Point by 8PM, where the baton will be put to bed for the night. This is the baton's first travel on the Ohio River itself, and makes the first stop in the third of six states it will travel.


 8PM: Powhatan Point, OH The baton goes to bed for the night.


Miles of this leg: 42 Total miles: 110 Total States: 3



Monday, September 16 DAY THREE



 8AM: Powhatan Point, OH Angie Rosser, representing West Virginia Rivers Coalition will be riding in a canoe with a a partner, to New Martinsville, WV.

8PM: New Martinsville, WV Angie Rosser hands off the baton to Krissy Kasserman, also representing West Virginia Rivers Coalition, who will bike to Sistersville, WV.

Miles of this leg: 17 Total Miles: 127 Total States: 3




 Tuesday, September 17 DAY FOUR



8AM: New Martinsville, WV Krissy Kasserman, representing West Virginia Rivers Coalition and Mountain Watershed Coalition, will bike ride the baton from New Martinsville, WV to Sistersville, WV, where she will hand the baton off at:


1PM: Wheeling Water Warriors Sharon and Nya Derby take the baton at the Sistersville Ferry.


The baton will ride across the Ohio River to Fly, OH, and be handed off to:


Wheeling Water Warrior Steve Fullerton, who will bike the baton from Fly, OH to Marietta, OH, at

8PM: where the baton will be passed to APPALACHIA RESIST members.

Miles of this leg: 44 Total Miles: 171 Total States: 3




Wednesday, September 18 DAY FIVE


APPALACHIA RESIST receives the baton from Wheeling Water Warrior Steve Fullerton in Marietta, OH.

Bike ride!



Thursday, September 19 DAY SIX



Appalachia Resist! is organizing the leg from Marietta, Ohio to Point Pleasant, West Virginia. There will be Baton Reception Rally at Muskingam Park on Front Street in downtown Marietta early in the day on Thursday September 19th. We hope to have a critical mass bike ride through Marietta and then let our long distance bike riders take the baton to Racine, OH:

Miles of this leg: 70 Total Miles: 242 Total States: 3




Friday, September 20 DAY SEVEN



Racine, Ohio, where runners would be able to pick it up on the afternoon of the 20th and run along the river through the river towns of Racine, Syracuse, Minersville, Pomeroy, and Middleport.

Miles of this leg: 10 Total Miles: 252 Total States: 3



Saturday, September 21 DAY EIGHT



From there, we will take to the water early in the morning on the 21st for the second time in the relay. Canoes and kayaks will travel together from Middleport to Point Pleasant. We will hand off the baton to the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition at the Moth Man Festival in Point Pleasant on the afternoon of Sat. Sept. 21.



Saturday 9/21: Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition picks up the baton in Point Pleasant on Saturday 9/21 afternoon from Appalcahia Resist! [Slight possibility we will go ahead and run the baton about 20 miles by bicycle down Rt. 2 that day]


Miles of this leg: 13 Total Miles: 265 Total States: 3



Sunday, September 22 DAY NINE




 Bicyclists from the Huntington based Critical Mass bicycle group will transport the baton, with an escort vehicle following behind, on Rt 2, between Pt. Pleasant and Guyandotte city limits (approximately 40 miles). We estimate this trip will only take 6-7 hours at most, but we want to allow for a flexible schedule and rest breaks, etc. for the bicyclists. Bike relayers are Jeffrey Muth, Jr, and Assan Popoff; there may be a couple more cyclists involved.

Miles of this leg: 40 Total Miles: 305 Total States: 3




 Monday, September 23 DAY TEN



 Dan Taylor (an OVEC employee & Critical Mass cyclist) will bring the baton from the Guyandotte city limts into Huntington, WV by bike (about 8-10 miles on Rt 2, and 3RD AVE - 1st Ave/Veterans Memorial Blvd in Htgn), hoping to arrive near the Huntington riverfront area at about 10:30am.

OVEC will hold a brief rally once the baton arrives; this will take place surrounding a sidewalk area near the riverfront. We may have participation in the rally from a high school group that has done water testing on 4 Pole Creek, one of the primary feeder streams to the Ohio in the Huntington area.

We estimate the time for the rally as 11:00am. Following the rally, we will do a march/walk with the baton thru Huntington and across the Huntington 5th st. bridge. This is less than a mile and there are sidewalks, crosswalks and pedestrian/bike lanes the whole way.

Our canoeist - Dennis Lambert - will be waiting at the Symmes Creek boat dock to pick up the baton and start for Ironton, OH.

Miles of this leg: 31 Total Miles: 327 Total States: 3




Tuesday, September 24 DAY ELEVEN



OVEC canoeist Dennis Lambert continues the journey from Ironton, OH to Greenup, KY, and Franklin Furnace, where the Baton goes to bed for the night.
  We are delighted to announce that this makes FOUR states that the Baton has visited in its journey.

Miles of this leg: 14   Total Miles: 341 Total States: 4



This is where we stopped.  We'd like to continue this epic journey.


 Wednesday, September 25 DAY TWELVE

Thursday, September 26 DAY THIRTEEN

Friday, September 27 DAY FOURTEEN

Saturday, September 28 DAY FIFTEEN

We expect the Baton to be in Cincinnatti, OH.  There is a Baton Reception Rally scheduled for 11AM in the Ted Berry Park, with a March to Sawyer Point Park.  The Baton will then be handed off to a canoe team.

 Total Miles  470   Total States  4 


Sunday, September 29 DAY SIXTEEN

Monday, September 30 DAY SEVENTEEN

Tuesday, October 1 DAY EIGHTEEN

Wednesday, October 2 DAY NINETEEN

Thursday, October 3 DAY TWENTY

Friday, October 4 DAY TWENTY ONE

Saturday, October 5 DAY TWENTY TWO

We expect to be passing Louisville, KY with a 50 mile trip from West Port to West Point with the Louisville 50. 

Miles of this leg  50  Total Miles 631   Total States   4





Pittsburgh, PA  Sept. 14 Noon  Flash Mob at Mister Rogers statue on North Shore
Wheeling, WV   Sept. 15 11AM at 28th St, MARCH to Garden Park, Rally at 12
Marietta, OH Sept. 19 Early morning Muskingum Park

Point Peasant,  WV 

Sept. 21  3PM Baton Exchange between Appalachia Resist and OVEC at   the Moth Man Festival
Huntington, WV  Sept. 23  11AM Huntington Riverfront

Cincinnatti, OH Sept. 28 11AM Ted Berry Park, March to Sawyer Point Park
Cairo, IL  TBA  


JOIN US, and watch for more details TBA as the Central and Western Regional Coordinators submit their itineraries.